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Cricket has become a religion in India and its popularity has led to the emergence of cricket betting Mobile apps. These apps allow you to place bets on your favourite teams and players, thus allowing you to make money. IPL is one of the biggest cricket tournaments in the world with millions of fans globally. With so many IPL betting apps available, it’s difficult to choose the right ones that cater to your needs. In this article, we’ll explore the top cricket betting apps in India, their features, and how to use them to make money.

Best Cricket Betting Mobile Apps in India
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Top Cricket Betting Mobile Apps in India in 2024

Choosing a good cricket betting app out of dozens can be a daunting task. We’ve made you a list of the top 10 cricket betting apps popular in 2024. These apps allow users to place bets from homes and give access to a wide range of markets.

Winmatch App

This is the best cricket betting app for beginners. The Winmatch app offers attractive welcome bonuses, competitive odds, etc. Further, the cricket betting mobile app offers exchange betting and sportsbook options with security. 

Winexch App

Since its inception in 2021, the Winexch app has been one of the best mobile betting apps for beginners. As a first choice for bettors, it offers its users a dedicated cricket betting section with attractive bonuses. 


It is another mobile cricket sportsbook platform for Indian bettors. You will get access to many cricket betting types and events and, most importantly, the lucrative welcome bonus. Download 4RABET app on your device and play it whenever you want. 

Spinmatch App

Even though you open it on your PC or laptop, its interface looks like a mobile app. It means Spinmatch has been developed specially for mobile users. It mainly offers cricket betting with competitive odds, good bonuses, and security. Download this app for cricket betting and start your betting journey.  

Megapari App

Megapari, one of the trusted cricket betting apps, allows you to bet on cricket matches, including T20 leagues, ICC events, domestic cricket events, etc. It gives you a competitive welcome bonus and betting odds for an entertaining experience. 

BetBarter App

The Betbarter cricket betting app has served Indian bettors through its sportsbook section since 2017. It is one of the top picks of online cricket betting app list for real money. Download it on your mobile, login, and bet on your favourite cricket match. 

CricketBook App

It is a Curacao-licenced cricket betting app for Indian bettors. Moreover, it is the first choice of our readers. Prominently, it offers cricket betting, as the name suggests, and gives a 30000 rupee welcome bonus. Complete the Cricketbook betting app download on your mobile device and bet on your favourite event. 

Sky247 App

Sky247 mobile app is a widely accessible cricket betting app for Indian users with its features and user experience. It gives you competitive odds, lucrative welcome bonuses, and much-required security. Download the sky247 app and bet on your favourite cricket match from anywhere. 

BlueChip App

With the extensive cricket betting coverage on the Bluechip mobile app, it is possible to bet on various cricket events and win big. It covers India’s large cricket betting market and caters to the demand of almost every bettor in India. Download the Bluechip cricket betting app and access various cricket betting events on your mobile. 

Bons App

With a wide selection of cricket betting options, Bons is another top live cricket betting app for Indian punters. It covers franchise cricket and ICC events in the form of live betting with competitive odds. Additionally, it gives dedicated bonuses for cricket betting.

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Which Is the Best Cricket Betting App Ranking This Month?

With the increase in the number of platforms and apps that caters to the need of cricket bettors, there is high competition among the available apps. No one app stays the best for long and with the IPL tournament going on people are searching for the best IPL betting app. As per the performance and other features, the best IPL betting app ranking 1 this month is the 4RABET. However, the ranking system keeps changing so choose the app that caters to your need. Every app mentioned above offers the best features to its users.

How do We Rate and Review the Best Cricket Betting Apps?

There are a couple of dozen legal cricket betting apps in India. These apps require careful evaluation of the features for rating and reviewing them. This is necessary as every app claims to be legal and to provide the best online experience but this is not true. It’s important to choose an app that meets your needs in terms of features, usability, and customer support. The process of rating and reviewing the legal betting apps includes: Identify the features that matter to you

  • Research the available options
  • Try out the different apps
  • Evaluate the apps based on your priorities
  • Write a review

However, you don’t have to follow the steps outlined above to choose and download the best cricket betting app. We have already done the job for you so that you can make informed decisions for placing bets on your favorite sports team.

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Features of Cricket Mobile Betting

Range of markets: Each app offers a different range of markets. A good app should offer a variety of markets to its users. The popular markets include the match winner, top batsman, top bowler, and total runs scored. This helps users to place bets suitable for their preferences and strategies.

Quality of the odds: A good cricket betting app should offer competitive odds that are equal to or better than those offered by other apps. This allows users to get the possible value on their bets so that they get high overall winnings.

User interface: The users should be able to navigate through the app easily. A user-friendly interface is an important feature of cricket betting apps.

Fast transactions: The users should be able to quickly deposit cash and withdraw the winning amount. Without any unnecessary delays, the users can place their bets on the best possible markets on time.

Customer support: This is another key feature of any good cricket betting app. The users should be able to contact customer support and clarify their doubts.

The features mentioned above are offered by the top 10 cricket betting apps. However, the list keeps changing so you should check regularly. Cricket betting apps in India like Dream11 allow users to make virtual teams for various sports. Dream11 is a fantasy betting platform where users can select their favorite players to make a team and compete against other users. During this IPL season, you can create your fantasy IPL team and win exciting prizes.

Advantages of Sports Betting for Android Devices

Sports betting has not only become popular in recent years but has also become easy to play using mobiles. With the increase in improvement in mobile technology, it’s easier to operate Android devices for sports betting from anywhere in the globe, at any time. It’s easy and quick to download cricket betting apps on Android devices and you can start making real money.

Accessibility: Android devices have become widely available and affordable, making these the best platforms for sports betting. Nowadays, anyone can take part in sports betting and enjoy the thrill of gambling.

Convenience: You can take advantage of sports betting with an Android device from home, in the office, or on the go. With an Android device, you can take advantage of good betting opportunities whenever they arise, without waiting for your computer to start.

Speed: Sports betting apps are built to be fast and responsive, which means bettors need to quickly place bets without any delay. Android devices are best known for their fast performance, which makes them ideal for sports betting.

Wide range of options: Cricket betting apps offer a wide range of options for Android devices which makes sports betting exciting and enjoyable. By using an Android device for sports betting you can choose the app that meets the needs of your preferences and strategies.

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How to Choose Cricket Betting Apps? 

After reviewing the above overviews of cricket betting apps, you must have decided to bet on cricket matches. Hence, it is time to select India’s best cricket betting app. However, if you’re a newbie in cricket betting, you might have many doubts about choosing the perfect mobile betting app. Don’t worry; here is the answer to all your queries. Consider the following factors to choose the best betting app for cricket on your mobile. 

  • Live betting features
  • Competitive betting odds
  • User-friendly mobile app
  • Good welcome bonus
  • Licence
  • Adherence to local government in the respective area
  • Live streaming
  • Data security

We have covered each of these factors while describing the apps above.

How to Download a Cricket Betting App on Your Phone?

  • Step 1: Choose the app from the google play store
  • Step 2: Check the app requirements that are suitable for your device
  • Step 3: Download the app
  • Step 4: After downloading the app it will get installed on your device

How to Use an Online Cricket Betting App in India?

  • Step 1: Once you have installed the app it’s time to create an account. Follow the instructions on the app for making your account.
  • Step 2: Deposit cash using any of the payment methods offered by the app.
  • Step 3: Start placing bets. The app will provide you with instructions on how to place your bets. Enjoy betting on your favorite cricket teams and keep track of your bets.

Is Cricket Betting Legal in India?

Before diving into cricket betting, knowing whether it is legal in India is necessary. Don’t worry; if you do it correctly, it is legal. However, you should extensively research the betting platform before creating your account.  

How do you know if a cricket betting app is legal? 

Consider the following factors to know whether the betting app is legal in India. 

  • Choose international app
  • Prioritise app that accepts Indian payment modes
  • Choose reliable app
  • Verify security
  • Explore historical user reviews of the app

If you still have a doubt, go through a detailed review of every cricket betting app and site on our site, and then choose the best app as per your choice. 

Secure and Fair Gambling with Cricket Betting Apps

Gambling with cricket betting apps is easier than using online sites. However, you should gamble fairly and securely to ensure your safety against fraud. Here are some tips to help you achieve a fair and secure gambling environment

  • Choose a reputable app
  • Check for licenses and certificates
  • Choose the app with the best possible odds
  • Set a budget
  • Practice within a time limit, don’t exceed your time limit

Final Words on Cricket Betting Apps

In conclusion, Cricket betting apps have become popular among the masses over recent years. Cricket fans and gambling enthusiasts take advantage of gambling opportunities that comes with IPL season to make real money online. It is important to note that underage gambling is strictly prohibited and users of the right age should practice responsible gambling.

Mobile Cricket Betting Apps FAQs

Are betting apps popular in India?

Yes, all betting apps are very popular in India. With the rise in the supply of Android devices, cricket betting apps have become an easy way for people to place their bets.

Is it secure to download cricket betting apps?

Security is one of the key features of a good cricket betting app. Make an account with the best-rated betting app to get high security.

Can I deposit cash and withdraw money from the betting app?

Yes, you can deposit cash and withdraw money from the betting app using any of the different payment methods offered by the app.

Is it legal to use a Cricket betting app in India?

A few states have banned gambling in any form. However, there is no specific law that prohibits cricket betting apps.

How is a mobile app better than an online site?

Mobile apps are convenient to use and easily accessible. You can place your bets from any place, at any time without having to sit in front of your computer.

How to find the best sports betting app?

We have listed the names of the best sports betting names here. Read the article to find the best sports betting app.