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In earlier times, horse racing and the associated betting were only reserved for upper society. Just think of Ascot, where rank and nobility gather every year. But horse racing is now also accessible to the wider betting community – online sports betting providers, non GamStop betting sites and betting offices make this possible. There are also many opportunities on the Internet to follow gallop and trotting events via live stream and to place bets on horse racing from the comfort of your own home. Horse betting not on Gamstop has experienced a huge boom in recent years and is more popular than ever. Non GamStop betting sites in particular are increasingly following suit and expanding their selection every day.

With us you will find out more about what horse betting is on offer, who the best non GamStop bookmakers for horse racing are and learn how to deal with the basic terms. What’s attractive about this sport is its unpredictability, because it’s hard to predict before the race which jockey will come out on top with his horse and who will ultimately win the race. It is usually the brave bettors who are rewarded with a correspondingly high betting odds.

Betting on Horse Racing

Which Horse Bets Are Available at Non GamStop Bookmakers?

The continued growth in popularity of racing means that more and more countries are offering horse racing as a betting competition. Horse racing takes place all year round in all sorts of places in the world, so you could bet almost continuously every ten minutes. The most important centers of four-legged sport are in England, Ireland, Germany, France and Spain. In addition, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Chile, Turkey and many other countries are gaining influence.

The various non GamStop bookmakers allow betting fans to place their own bets on various events from the comfort of their own home. There are numerous types of racing, such as flat racing, steeplechase racing, and many more, which are held on either grass or sandy surfaces. If you bet on a horse race, whoever crosses the finish line first counts. All gaits are permitted.

In a harness race, only the trot gait is permitted. If a horse adopts a different gait, it will be disqualified. Just as in gallop racing, the best trotters are given appropriate handicaps, which are designed in the form of distance compensation and not through additional weights. The favorites have to start either from the second row of the grid or from the unfavorably located wing.

In a balancing race, the favorites are given weights (handicaps) based on their previous results so that all participants have as equal a chance as possible of winning.

How to Bet on Horse Racing?

Non GamStop betting sites offer the opportunity to choose between a wide variety of horse bets. On the one hand, there is the classic winning bet. This bet requires the sports bettor to predict who will win the race. A two-way or three-way bet is also offered, where the first two or three places must be guessed exactly correctly.

Only in this case the bet is won. In some cases there are also exceptional cases where it is possible to make a four-way bet where the first four places are then nominated. With these bets, the bettor is usually rewarded with very attractive betting odds. In horse racing, bets are placed on either a horse race or a harness race, which are the most popular.

More Betting Options

  • Place bet: Here the bet is won if the horse finishes in the top three.
  • Place twin bet: Two horses are predicted here. These two can finish the race in any order, but they must finish in the top three.
  • Maxi bet: Here it can be determined from the start that the stake and the possible winnings will be postponed to one or more races that take place afterwards.

You Need to Know These Terms

As with other non GamStop sports betting, you will also come across a set of rules and terminology when it comes to horse betting. What happens in a dead heat and what is it anyway? One speaks of a dead heat when two or more horses run to the finish at the same height without any noticeable distance. If there are two winners in a race, the odds are halved.

In head to head betting, the horse with the best placing is considered to win. In the event of a rider falling, stopping or throwing off, the winner will be determined based on the horse furthest in front.

Other interesting betting options at non GamStop bookmakers are the Joint Favorites, the Platzwilling bet, the Finish bet or the Virtual Racing bets, which fictitiously take place via a computer.

Don’t Bet Carelessly

Before placing your bet, you should think carefully about which “pair” (jockey and horse) you are placing your bet on. To do this, it is necessary to look at the past races of the individual horses taking part in the race. An attempt should also be made to assess the daily form of the participating horses and jockeys.

Also important is the experience of the horse and the jockey in front of an audience or whether either has been injured recently. This can also have a negative impact on the course of the race. If all factors have been thoroughly analyzed, then nothing stands in the way of placing a bet.

Remember: Not All Horse Racing Is the Same

There are countless ways to bet on horse racing at non GamStop bookmakers. Furthermore, horse racing is constantly taking place all over the world, so it is theoretically possible to place a horse bet every 10 minutes that has good odds.

Horse racing and betting on it are particularly popular in Great Britain, Australia and Ireland. At some horse races such as the Grand National or the Cheltenham Festival, almost everyone bets, regardless of whether they are young or old. This means that the market exists, but it is only used moderately by sports betting fans, although many non GamStop betting sites have good offers.

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