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Of all the Indian casino games that are popular among punters, Teen Patti tops the list. Teen Patti is a well-known card game popular in many households across India. It has gained massive popularity globally – thanks to its availability on various online casino platforms. Also known as Indian Poker, Three-card Poker, or Flush, this game of cards requires a combination of strategic thinking and good fortune to win. 

The traditional game of cards is now available online. Many casino providers host their versions of Teen Patti, which not only give you a real-time gaming experience but promise lucrative winnings as well. You can download their app or play on their mobile site. Some also host a demo game where you can enjoy it without depositing any initial amount. 

If you are new to the Teen Patti party, this guide will help you learn everything about the game, including the winning tricks and strategies. Read till the end to find out. 

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How to Play Teen Patti? 

The game is played with 3-6 players with a deck of 52 cards. The players have to make a bet before the card distribution takes place. A bet is the minimum amount of money the players had to contribute to the pot. It is followed by each player getting three face-down cards. 

Now, each player makes a call, raises, or folds like a poker card game online. A call means the player moves forward with the game continuing with the amount they put in the pot. A raise means a player increases the amount. Furthermore, if they fold the card, they want to discontinue the stake, and their previous bet amount will be distributed among other members. 

Teen Patti Rules 

The rules of this game are the easiest to understand and you can get familiar with them in a few minutes. The online casino game starts similarly to a traditional Teen Patti game with the players putting money into the pot. The sum is categorized as a boot or ante amount. It is done to encourage the fear of losing money if the person decides to fold. The lost amount will be divided between the remaining players. 

Once the betting procedure is over, the players can play blind or seen. A blind player is someone who has not seen the card, and the seen player has looked up to their Teen Patti cards. 

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Teen Patti Rules – How to Become a Teen Patti Pro Player? 

While the above-listed rules are easy to understand and work on, you can become a Teen Patti pro player by working on other rules. The bet made into the game has to be in equal amounts. For instance, if you have made an additional bet of four coins and the others have raised eight coins, you will have to raise eight coins instead of four to balance the act. 

To become a pro player, you need to be well-versed in the rules of the game. Once you are done understanding them, there is no stopping for your winnings. 

Teen Patti Rules Chart Ranking 

As stated, once you master the rules of the game, you win. Here is the list of all the relevant rules to win Teen Patti 

  • Three of a Kind or Trio 

Three cards of the same rank are called a Trio. The highest hand ranking would be a set of three aces, and the lowest will be three cards with two. 

  • Pure Sequence or Straight Flush 

Three cards of the same suit arranged serially make a pure sequence. The highest is AKQ, while the lowest is 4/3/2. 

  • Color or Flush 

You can include three cards of the same suit – heart, diamond, spade, or club. 

  • Pair 

Two out of the three cards have to be of the same rank. 

  • High Card or No Pair 

If your card does not fall into any of the above-mentioned categories, it will be grouped into the high card. 

  • Best of Four 

Every player will be given four cards, out of which they will have to make a combination of the best three cards. 

  • Lowball or Muflis 

This rule favors cards with the lowest card over the highest one. 

  • Bust Card Draw 

The dealer will randomly take out a card, and other cards having the same rank will be eliminated. 

  • Stud 

It represents a combination of face-down and face-up cards where you have to struggle to get the perfect highest ranking three cards. 

  • Draw 

The dealer will distribute the cards before betting. A draw will give you the chance to discard unwanted cards and purchase new ones with money. 

  • Community 

Each player will be given an insufficient number of cards. You will have to make the highest-ranking combination of three cards with the excess cards on the table. 

  • Cobra 

The players will pick their cards from the deck and place them on the forehead. Everyone can see everyone’s cards except theirs. 

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Teen Patti Sequences: How to Make Them? 

Out of the above-listed rule chart, here are the most lucrative sequences to obtain big winnings. 

  • Trio 
  • Straight Flush 
  • Flush or Color 
  • Pair 
  • High Card 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the rule of Teen Patti? 

Teen Patti is the simplest of all online games, including poker and rummy. You will have to bet a certain amount, even before the card distribution takes place. Each player will get three cards. Now you can either call, raise or fold. After every round, the member with the highest hand ranking will win the game. 

What is a high card in Teen Patti? 

As per the Teen Patti game rules, a high card has no same rank or suit. The highest rank card will be AKJ, and the lowest will be 4/3/2. 

How do you play Teen Patti at home? 

Teen Patti is the most popular game played at home, especially during Diwali. All you need to do is to distribute three cards to each player and follow the above-listed rules. The hand with the highest rank will win the game. 

Teen Patti is a famous and fun-filled game, which is also extremely easy to learn, making it perfect for beginners. Now that you have understood all rules and regulations, it’s time to indulge in online Teen Patti and make big winnings. Good luck. 

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