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Some call it Mang Patta; others call it Katti – Andar Bahar happens to be an extremely popular Indian card game played with a single deck.

  • Simple and exciting to play.
  • Requires no complex rules or setup
  • Can be played individually with 50/50 winning odds
  • No cheating possible
  • Primarily based on the luck
  • No early payout
  • Side bets may be complicated.

The literal meaning of this game is ‘Inside Out’. This game of chance has been famous among gamers since old times. It is believed to have originated in Bangalore. Some people claim that Andar Bahar is 100 years old. The reason for the extreme popularity of this game is its simplicity. The rules are easy to understand. You can play it with any number of players.

Earlier a traditional game, today, it has debuted on the online platform. Many online casino providers offer their players an opportunity to win big with Andar Bahar. Here is to know everything about Andar Bahar.

General Rules to Play Andar Bahar

Andar BaharTraditionally, Andar Bahar is played with a deck of 52 cards. It can also be played virtually using the same rules and regulations. There is a dealer and several players. The players do nothing but for betting left and right sides and then watch the dealer dealing with the cards.

The dealer shuffles the deck of cards and picks a card from the middle. Before beginning the game, the players must bet on either side – Andar (left) or Bahar (right). Depending upon the color of the middle card, the order of dealing the card runs along. For instance, if the middle card is red, the first card is drawn on the right and the second on the left, and so on. Similarly, if the middle card is black, the first card is placed on the left and the next one on the right, and so on.

Throughout the game, the dealer deals the card on the right and left until the card of a similar rank to the first dealt card appears on any of the sides. When this happens, the round ends, and wagers are paid out. The first card is called the house card, joker, or trump card.

Payouts Offered by Andar Bahar

When you play Andar Bahar at the online casinos, the procedure of payout and rules may vary. It is, therefore, recommended to go through the casino thoroughly and learn about the rules, regulations, payout, and other details. Many casinos also charge a commission on the payout going to the casino.

The payouts offered by the casino depend on the side of the first card once the house card is dealt. If the card was dealt with to the left and the winning card also appeared to the left, the casino gives you a payout of 90 percent. If the winning card appears on the opposite side, you get a 100 percent payout.

If the first card is dealt with the right, the payout may vary according to the common values.

  • If you have placed a bet of Rs.100 and a winning card appears on the same side of the first drawn card, you get a payout of Rs.190. On the different side, the payout remains Rs.200.
  • On placing a bet of Rs.500 and seeing the winning card appear on the same side as the first drawn card, the payout becomes Rs.950.
  • For the different sides, it becomes Rs. 1000.
  • If you want to place a bet of Rs.1000 and the winning card appears on the same side of the first drawn card, the payout becomes Rs.1900. For the different sides, the payout becomes Rs.2000.
  • If you place a bet of Rs.2000 and the winning card appears on the same side of the first drawn card, you get a payout of Rs.3800. On a different side, the payout becomes Rs.4000.
  • For a bet of Rs.5000, if the winning card appears on the same side of the first drawn card, the payout becomes Rs.9500. When it appears on the other side, you get a payout of Rs.10,000.

Andar Bahar Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

Andar Bahar Tips, Tricks, and StrategiesTo multiply your winnings and make it big, you may apply the below-listed strategies. These strategies will also add an element of fun to your gameplay.

The Hot and Cold Strategy

Some players use the hot and cold strategy while choosing the side to bet on. This strategy is choosing the side that has seen the most winning in the game. The cold strategy involves placing the bet on the side that has won the least in the recent rounds.

It is essential to mention that these strategies are based on gut feelings, and there is no calculation involved in designing them. You can use them to your own advantage and grab a chance to multiply your winnings.

The Martingale Strategy

Many players use this strategy in the game of Andar Bahar. The Martingale strategy is popular in other card games too. It involves doubling the bet for the next round every time you lose the bet. On the other hand, every time you win the bet, you return to the starting amount.

The starting bet depends on the total money you may want to spend. If you have a high starting bet, they can become huge while playing each round. We recommend you to use small bits during the beginning if you want to make the most of this strategy.

Engage in a Responsible Gaming

When you play Andar Bahar online, we highly recommend engaging a platform that encourages responsible gaming. It is because this game is great but highly addictive. Therefore, you must ensure that your game plan is right and then commence towards it. Do not spend everything at once. Strategize accordingly. Choose a platform that has a friendly Customer Care support service.

Also, this game is purely for recreational and entertainment purposes. Thus, do not attach yourself emotionally to it. Following this, you will enjoy the dose of entertainment that this game serves without worrying too much about winning or losing.


Overall, Andar Bahar is one of the most enjoyable games for Indian players. It is easy to understand and fun to engage in. You can play solo or bring all your friends to sign up at a reliable casino and go on a gaming spree of playing Andar Bahar and winning handsome cash.

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