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Roulette is one of the most popular casino games entertaining casino lovers for many decades. The arrangement of roulette on the table and the spinning of the ball can help you earn handsome cash. Roulette offers a good level of entertainment for the players alike.

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Roulette Online

Roulette OnlineWhat is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word casino? Many people will say roulette in unison.

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games entertaining casino lovers for many decades. The arrangement of roulette on the table and the spinning of the ball can help you earn handsome cash. Roulette offers a good level of entertainment for the players alike. But unfortunately, the number of land-based casinos in India is limited, restricting many players from enjoying this game.

Thanks to the introduction of online gambling, you can now play roulette within the comfort of your home, from your desktop, mobile phone, or tablet. Ever since the online casino providers have introduced roulette on their platform, they are gathering immense traffic!

You can sign up with a trusted online casino website and begin playing your game of roulette. Online roulette has more variety than 36 numbers these days. Here is to know everything about the game and how you can play it online.

Online Roulette Variations

American Roulette and European Roulette

Classic roulette games follow the regular standards of 1 through 36, a single or double zero with limited options to bet on red or black and odds and evens.

American and European roulette are the two most widespread variations of roulette. When you play the European version, it puts you up against a 2.70 percent house edge. On the other hand, American roulette puts you up against a 5.26 percent edge. When you place bets on colors or adds and evens, it will net you the same Even money payout.

French Roulette

French roulette is a little rare compared to its American and European counterparts, thereby not offered by many casino providers. It is similar to the European version with its single zero; however, having a few differences.

It comes with the ‘La Partage’ rule where if the ball lands on zero, it would only forfeit half of your bet. Another rule includes ‘En Prison’. It lays down that if you bet on even or odd and the ball lands on zero, you can win your bet back. The dealer will place your bet in prison. You will get it back on your next round by when the next spin arrives.

Premier Roulette Diamond Edition

The graphics and features that the Premiere Roulette Diamond edition has will steal your heart. It also features more colors to bet on apart from the classic red or black option. You can select from different colors such as blue, green, and yellow. The arrangement of 1-36 numbers is present and correct. Single and Double Zero variations are also available.

Multi-Ball Roulette

It is a perfect playing option for online casino lovers. The feature multi-ball allows you to bet on a wheel with up to three balls at the same time, letting you bet on a bunch of numbers instead of only one. Your winnings will be split by the number of balls engaged in your gameplay.


Spingo is a bizarre combination of bingo and online roulette. It bets on numbers from 1 to 10 rather than 1 through 36, having three different colors to bet on. Once the wheel spins, numbered balls are picked out randomly in Lotto-style, falling into the colored trays. You can pick the odds and evens.

Multi-Wheel Roulette

The famous software-provider Microgaming has this version of roulette, allowing you to bet on up to eight wheels simultaneously. You can place your bets on a single board. However, the result will depend on the spread of more than one wheel. This game adds extra volume throughout your gameplay, thus increasing your chances of winning big.

How to Choose the Best Roulette Online

How to Choose the Best Roulette Online

With the help of these tips, you can choose the best roulette online.

  • Be cautious while selecting the online casino that you want to play with. Choose a credible source that encourages responsible gaming. Do not fall for welcoming incentives at once. Check the certification and other essential details of the casino before signing up.
  • Examine the odds, payout, and math. It is because every roulette game is built on statistics and probability mathematics. Different bets entertain different payouts, and there is a connection between the potential payoff and the risk involved. When you understand the odds and payoff structure properly, it becomes easy to win the game.
  • Always choose a wagering plan that suits you. Choose the casinos that have a long-term wagering plan. Put their betting system to the test. You can initially play for virtual money and then use the real money.
  • It is okay to be flexible with the game, even when you cannot multiply your winnings. Remember, you are playing the game to have fun and not essentially to earn money.
  • Ensure that the online casino provider has an up and running customer service to help you with the queries regarding payment and other problems.

What are the Advantages of Online Roulette?

Confused about whether to choose offline roulette or online? The below-listed online roulette advantages will convince you to choose the latter.

  • The physical or land-based roulette is full of biasedness. When a ball hits the spot, it leaves a small dent on the wheel, making the ball hit the same spot in the upcoming turns. Because of this, it becomes easy for the players to predict the spot and bet on them. It doesn’t happen when you play online roulette.
  • You do not have to necessarily pay real cash immediately if you want to play roulette. You can play with demo money, understand the game, and master some skills. Once you are confident about winning, you can deposit real money and play with the same.
  • There are a lot of comforts when you play online roulette from home. It saves you time and effort. It also saves you from dealing with croupiers or the fuss of your co-players.
  • With online roulette, you can play at your own pace. It is possible to start your game any time and stop it whenever you want. This factor gives you time to understand the odds, calculate, and make strategies.


Now that we have mentioned everything about online casinos and roulette, it’s time to choose the best casino provider and play your game. All the best.

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