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Andar Bahar is a popular online gambling game offered by many Indian online casinos. Also known as Katti, Andar Bahar is primarily regarded as a game of skill. But most people admit that it requires more luck than mere skills.

The online casino hosting Andar Bahar offers attractive cash prizes while still taking care of the entertainment factor. You can deposit the initial amount with them and begin a gaming spree to win big. Here is everything about Andar Bahar and how to strategize to multiply your winnings.

What is Andar Bahar Card Game?

Andar Bahar is an online casino card game. Also referred to as Katti, it is highly popular in India, the place of its origin. It contains a table that has two sides – Andar and Bahar. The game rules are simple, making it popular among beginners and veterans alike.

Many online casino platforms and mobile apps offer the game of Andar Bahar in their own versions. The craze of this game has made everyone go gaga about it, thanks to the new digital trend. As most people cannot go to casinos to play these games, many Andar Bahar game development companies have developed these games for various casino platforms.

When you set out to play this game online, you will see a dealer hosting the game and dealing with the real cards on the table. Everything is streamed in high-quality on your computer devices or mobile screens. If you leave or quit the game in the dealing process, you may get a penalty, and no amount will be refundable.

How to Play Games on Andar Bahar Online Apps?

Andar Bahar online game follows the same rules as the traditional one. You can download the best casino app on your phone or use their mobile site to sign in and enjoy this game to the fullest. Like other standard card games, Andar Bahar online is played with a standard deck of 52 cards. You play your game with the dealer and other players. The gameplay revolves around the idea wherein you place pets on two different piles called Andar and Bahar.

You follow the deal and win real cash if the bet favors you. Here is how the game works:

  • The dealer sets a Joker card.
  • The player places the bets on the chosen side – Andar or Bahar.
  • The dealer keeps serving the card repeatedly until the similar Joker card doesn’t come on one side.
  • If the player’s chosen side comes with the Joker card, he wins. If not, they lose the round, and the game continues with other players.

Andar Bahar Winning Tricks

As a game of chance, there is not much you can do to strategize to win big in your Andar Bahar game. That said, you can still work on the below-listed tips and tricks and improve your gameplay to make lucrative winnings.

Learn the Basic Rules and Terms

A card game trick, Andar Bahar requires you to learn as much as possible about it before you start playing. Thus, start by going through all its rules, terms, and conditions so that you do not lose money.

Play Smart and Place Bets

If you play smart and place bets, the odds of winning will favor you. We advise you to be active and adept at whatever is happening in the game and learn what to do next. These little things will have an impact on your further gameplay. Try to decipher which side is profiting more. Whichever side gets the first card has a 51.5 percent winning chance. For others, it is 48.5 percent.

Set a Budget

Setting your budget before playing the game is extremely important so you do not lose above your budget limit.

Play the Demo Game

There is an advantage to playing Andar Bahar online. Many apps and versions offer a demo game of Andar Bahar before entertaining the original game. Playing the demo game will give you the basic structure of the real game. You can learn the entire game without losing your money.

Practicing Leads to Perfection

It is a fact that also applies to Andar Bahar. Practice the game enough to get confident about winning when you play it with real money.

Andar Bahar Winning Strategies

The chances of winning in this game of cards will always be 50-50. Therefore, placing your bets at the right time and on the right side is a crucial part to consider. To give you an upper hand on winning chances, here are the best winning strategies you can apply in your gameplay.

Loose, Double, and Half Bet – Martingale Strategy

The Martingale strategy works effectively when you don’t know placing your bets or when you are losing more than winning. In this strategy, when a player loses his bet, he repeatedly doubles it, and when he wins the round, he effectively decreases the betting amount by half.

The purpose of using this strategy is to increase your odds of winning a big amount at once. Upon losing your first bet, double your bet amount. If you win one round, you are not just winning but also doubling and covering the losses. There is another strategy – Second Martingale. When you win your round instantly, we recommend cutting your bet amount in half to save yourself from losing big.

Use Casino Bonus

You need high bankrolls to play with high stacks. It is where the casino bonus will come to your escape. It will increase your bankroll and RTP and help you multiply your winnings.

Hold and Cold Strategy

It is an inside-out strategy, based on superstition more than statistics. For instance, when you play the Andar Bahar online card game, a table shows today’s winners of the Andar or Bahar side. The inside is marked as a blue dot, while the outside is marked as a red dot.

This strategy is based on what you believe in – hot or cold. If you believe in the cold strategy, you place your bet on the side that has won the least. On the flip side, if you believe in the hot strategy, you place your bet on the side that has won the most times, as it is on a winning streak.

It is vital to mention that the above-listed tricks and strategies are based on the mentality and gut feeling of the player. There is no right or wrong in them. On the contrary, they are about creating a conscious way of deciding where to place bets. No matter the kind of strategy you use to optimize your game, knowing the basics is a must. In addition to using these strategies, we advise you to develop your own skills, knowledge, and game sense to be the real winner. All the best.

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